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Do you struggle with an underactive thyroid or hypothyroidism? The expert team here at Get Well Scottsdale offers our clients a safe and effective way to address their underactive thyroid. The goal of our knowledgeable team here in Scottsdale is to work with our clients to identify if hypothyroidism is the issue and to then advise how best to address it and if thyroid therapy truly is the best route. To start, you must know if you’re affected by hypothyroidism.

Hypothyroidism is when your thyroid isn’t working as efficiently as it should be. Thyroid hormone is a metabolic hormone secreted by the thyroid gland that regulates body temperature, metabolism and cerebral function. The thyroid hormone contributes to energy levels and temperature regulation and body warmth. It increases fat breakdown, resulting in weight loss as well as lower cholesterol. This hormone also protects against cardiovascular disease and improves cerebral metabolism, and even helps to prevent cognitive and memory impairment.

Thyroid hormone is probably the safest and most beneficial cholesterol-lowering agent, yet it is infrequently used for this! The thyroid hormone is most responsible for improvement in energy and reducing fatigue. Our expert team in Scottsdale will gladly discuss this with you and the importance of the thyroid in-person with you during a consultation if you feel you may be experiencing hypothyroidism.

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Do You Have an Underactive Thyroid?

We often get calls from patients looking for services in Scottsdale whose primary care physicians have told them they have hypothyroidism; that their thyroid is too low or too high causing it to be underactive. Because this is confusing, let us try and provide you a better understanding of this and the services our Scottsdale office provides for an underactive thyroid.

The thyroid gland produces a hormone called T4. The number 4 indicates it has four iodine molecules. The body produces an enzyme that removes an iodine molecule and converts the T4 hormone into T3, which is the active form of the thyroid hormone. If decreased, this will cause an underactive thyroid. This hormone is free and circulating in the system, available for the body to use. It is the Free T3 that has the effect on energy, metabolism, and all thyroid functions such as preventing an underactive thyroid. Our Scottsdale team wants to further dive in to this with our clients to ensure full and clear understanding of the thyroid.

Thyroid Measurement

We here, at Get Well Scottsdale, feel it’s important for our patients to understand what could be happening with their thyroid and where conclusions are drawn from. The most common thyroid measurement is the TSH or Thyroid Stimulating Hormone, which stimulates the thyroid gland to produce thyroid hormone. This is a gauge that is the opposite of your thyroid production. The TSH will be low if the body feels there isn’t enough thyroid present in the system. Conversely, if there isn’t enough thyroid, the TSH goes up, trying to rouse the thyroid gland to make more thyroid. Here is part of the confusion. If your doctor says your thyroid is low, do they mean the TSH is low, which indicates that your actual thyroid is high? Or is it that your actual thyroid is low, in which case the TSH would be high?

A second point of confusion, not well understood by physicians: If your thyroid gland is producing T4 or you are taking thyroid in the form of T4 (most commonly Synthroid or levothyroxine), the TSH will respond to the presence of T4 and likely be low or at a number of which your Scottsdale physician is comfortable. However, if the T4 is not converting into T3, the TSH will not reflect this. And if the T4 is not converting into T3, you might have all the symptoms of not having an adequate amount of thyroid since it is the T3 that is the gas in the tank, so to speak. The only way to assess the Free T3 is to measure it. Our team here in Scottsdale is prepared to assess your thyroid properly and determine what may be occurring and what the best course of action is to take.

Armour Thyroid, The Natural Replacement for An Underactive Thyroid

Most Scottsdale physicians do not measure Free T3 but only measure TSH. However, as seen above, it is not a full picture of your thyroid function. Many doctors are taught to treat this TSH number and not necessarily listen to how the patient feels (most patients feel better when Free T3 is optimal).

When you supplement Armour Thyroid or compounded desiccated thyroid with our options in Scottsdale, it contains both T4 and T3 in a bio-identical form. The T3 gives you the energy early in the cycle while the T4 is converting into T3 for energy mid and late cycle (the cycle is typically about 7-8 hours). If our Scottsdale team measures your Free T3 around 4-5 hours after you take your thyroid, we see how well your body is converting the T4 into T3. It is this measurement of Free T3 that is the most reflective of your thyroid levels which is why our team is here to explore that with you and provide accurate information for all our Scottsdale patients.

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