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The Effects of Andropause

Menopause in women is a widely discussed, well-studied phenomenon, yet its equivalent in men – andropause – is often ignored. The two are very similar experiences, both typically manifesting in those 40 years of age or older and caused by sub-optimal hormone levels. Both can be accompanied by fatigue, depression, irritability, aches and pains, general signs of aging, increased risk of chronic degenerative disease, and reduced sexual interest, enjoyment and or performance. Due to the less-discussed nature of andropause, many of our male patients may not exactly know what they are experiencing, or how to address it

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The Role of Testosterone

Testosterone is secreted by the adrenal glands, testes and ovaries and contributes to increased recovery, strength, fat burning and overall wellbeing. It also protects against arthritis, fat storage, and cardiovascular disease. Having testosterone appropriately present in your body allows for more lean muscle mass, greater bone density, improved skin tone and better sexual performance. These are just a few of the many reasons Get Well Scottsdale offers testosterone replacement therapy options for those struggling with testosterone deficiency.

Do You Have Symptoms Associated with Unbalanced Hormones?

  • weight gain

  • night sweats

  • insomnia

  • difficulty concentrating

  • loss of memory

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Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Bio-identical testosterone, is not only a safe, but also a preventative measure.  Testosterone has been shown to increase muscle strength and lean body mass, improve sexual response, prevent osteoporosis, protect against cardiovascular disease, increase energy, fight impotence, improve both mood and sense of well-being, a recently published study even showed that men with higher testosterone levels live longer.


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